People's United Bank Welcomes
Suffolk County National Bank Clients

Is my money secure?

Yes. Your deposits remain safe, secure and easily accessible.

Has Suffolk County National Bank (SCNB) changed its name to People's United Bank?

Yes. Over the next several weeks our signs and marketing materials will begin to reflect the new name.

How do I benefit from this change?

You now have access to your funds at over 600 People's United Bank ATMs, across New York and New England. (Visit for ATM locations.) In addition to an expanded network of 400 branches, soon you'll also have more products and services to choose from to meet your financial needs.

Will all SCNB branches become People's United Bank branches?

Most branches will become a People's United branch and will continue to provide you with the excellent service you've come to expect. Some branches may be combined with other branches and clients of those branches will be notified of this change.

Can I still use my checks?

Yes, continue to use your checks, as you've always done.

What happens to the checks I have written?

You will not experience any changes with the processing of checks that you have written. Your transactions will continue to be posted to your account up to the available balance.

I need to order a supply of checks, what should I do?

Stop by your local branch to place your order. Retail clients can also order online at, click Personal Banking then Extra Features.

Can I still use my debit card?

Yes. You can continue to use your Debit Card. It will continue to work the same as before.

What about my loans?

Continue making loan payments just as you do today.

My business uses SCNB's cash management services; will I still be able to use these?

Yes. All Cash Management services such as: Remote Deposit Capture, ACH, Wire Transfers, PositivePay, etc. will continue as before.

Will my direct deposit continue?

Yes. Direct deposit services, including Social Security, will continue without interruption.

Will all my pre-approved transfers and debits to or from my account still happen?

Yes. Any pre-approved transfers will continue to work as before. This includes mortgage, insurance and car payments, just to name a few.

What happens to the interest on my account?

At this time, your accounts will continue to earn interest at the same rate as before.

Can I still use online banking, bill pay and telephone banking?

Yes. These services continue as before for both Personal and Commercial online banking, bill pay, and telephone banking clients.

What happens to my safe deposit box?

You can continue to access your safe deposit box at your branch as you have done in the past. If your box is located at a branch that will be combined with another, you will receive a separate communication regarding your box.

Is People's United Bank FDIC-insured?

Yes. The standard insurance coverage amount is $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category. For more information on specific coverage, visit

What if I am already a customer of People's United Bank and my combined balances exceed $250,000?

Your SCNB accounts transferred to People's United Bank will be separately insured for at least six months. This grace period will allow you the opportunity to come visit us to restructure your accounts, if necessary. CDs are insured until the earliest maturity date after the end of the six-month grace period.

How can I obtain additional information?

Our branches are open during regular business hours. Branch staff will be available to answer your questions. You can also call 1-877-972-2244.

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